Skin Care Essentials ✨( Facial Cleansers & FaceMask)✨

Hello Everyone!

Skincare is SO important. I mean our skin is our largest organ, so taking care of it,is ESSENTIAL. I wanted to share some products that I use on the daily basis.  This blog series will have 3 post. *

So let’s start with what I use to keep my skin clean  😊. 

I have two facial cleansers that I use during the week. Then I also have one skin mask [that I try to use at least once a week] 😝. Sometimes I’m tired after a long day and facemask day doesn’t happen. Whoops.  

I’ve mentioned the Korres Cleanser before — and that’s because I love it. It’s very gentle — yet it gets off every trace of makeup !! Korres  Yoghurt Cleanser does that without making your skin feel tight and dry. 

In the past few months, I’ve been using this great and gentle microscrub! 🙌🏽 This Philosophy Exfoliating facial wash is a game changer. It makes my skin feel refreshed, smooth & brand new!!  


SKINFOOD ” Egg White Pore Mask” I adore this mask. I found out about this brand from my friend Anna, then literally the next day I stumbled upon it at Ulta Beauty.  Egg White’s help cleanse and tighten pores.   I noticed how small my pores have gotten while using this. I use this once or two times a week. 

Again this post will have one or two more post! I don’t want the post to get to long ! Links are attached😘 Photos are all mine . 📸   


What are some of your FAVORITE  facial cleansers??!?! I would love to know. ✨


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