Skin Care Essentials: Moisturizer &Hydration ✨✨

Hello Everyone !

So this is my second blog post about my Skin Care essentials. This post is going to focus primarily on moisturizer for our skin. Hydrating our skin is so important– I mean our skin craves moisture. ✨

One of the best ways to hydrate is to DRINK WATER.… water is essential to any skin care regimen/routine.  I drink all kinds of water from Ice Mountain, Evian, Fiji but my favorite to drink is Essentia Water. It’s my favorite simply because I feel so hydrated after I drink it. It’s one of the BEST Ionzied alkaline water EVER!

I added this AWESOME product to my skin care routine about a month ago.  It’s the M•A•C Cosmetics Lightful C Marine Bright Softening Lotion Spray .  This product has helped my skin in the best way! It has helped by: soothing , brightening, and hydrating. (This is the first step after I cleanse my face)  ** Plus you can spray it on after you’ve applied makeup to hydrate your skin)

These are my current & favorite face creams! Most mornings I use my Josie Maran Whipped Argan Oil face Butter  . Josie’s Face butter has made my skin  supple and soft.  Argan Oil also has so MANY benefits when it comes moisturizing, anti-aging and fading scars.  Personally,  I have noticed that is products impact on my old acne scars. They are a lot lighter.

I was using the Korres Yoghurt Face Cream ( Day Time ) and I still do. I really like this face cream, it calmed my skin when it was freaking out a couple of months ago. It’s light weight and helped diminished texture.

Night Time: I use Korres Greek Yoghurt Advanced Nourishing Moisturizing Sleeping ! I could literally RAVE ABOUT THIS PRODUCT ALL DAY!  This Sleeping Facial DOES WONDERS!   I just wanted to include an excerpt from Korres website.


“Key ingredients: – Greek Yoghurt Concentrate: Contains two and a half times the protein content of regular yogurt for advanced nourishment. –

Hyaluronic Acid: Highly moisturizing, offers significant moisturizing action enhancing collagen production.

– Imperata Cylindrica Extract: Provides continuous moisturization.”  (

What are some of your favorite ways to hydrate your skin?? I loooove SKIN CARE can you tell ! Thanks for reading! I will have one or two more post in my SKIN Care Essentials!

Thanks again for reading!

Xoxo -Rain



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