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Hey Guys!!!

I know many of you know that the London,based company EYLURE launched new lashes recently. It was pretty awesome to see a couple of Beauty YouTube Vloggers with their own lashes.  So this past weekend I stopped by Walgreens and I picked up one set of the #ONEFOURTHREE ($8.99). I just wanted to say that these babies were so easy to apply and light weight. I LOVE THEM. I will be stocking up on these . ♥️♥️♥️♥️ They are available exclusively at Walgreen’s in-store and online.

xo Rain






Hello Everyone!! ´

I can’t believe it’s already February!?!?! January was a pretty good month for me.  I didn’t buy too much new stuff, which is good. Since I’m trying to manage my money better in 2017! However ,I still wanted to share some of my favorite things!! January for me was  all about health and skin care.  I recently switched all my skin care products because my skin was changing and becoming even more sensitive. (I will go into detail in another post about my skin care routine.)  I’m not a dermatologist my any means but  Korres’ Greek Yoghurt products are A MAJOR KEY for me. ( Yes, Major Key just like DJ Khaled says)


KORRES: L TO R: Korres Yoghurt Facial Cleanser, Advanced Night Time Sleeping Facial &&  Greek Yoghurt Moisturizing Face Cream


I have to KEEP my hair Hydrated during these cold winter months. All my Curly Hair Girls know MOISTURE IS KEY!!  These products are life savers for me.  I love them all.



I changed my multivitamin to these amazing VitaFusion. I also added the Nature’s Bounty Extra Strength: Hair, Skin and Nails after seeing their ads.  I did a lot of research and read a lot of good reviews. I love them so far– my hair is getting thicker.

***Please tell me what your favorite thing were for this month!!!  I love trying new stuff..*

Thanks for reading. I love reading comments so please leave them.




Happy Friday !!!

Just wanted to show these Snapchat(s) from the super talented Jaclyn Hill. I CAN NOT WAIT   to buy this palette.  These eye shadows look so pigmented! Eye shadows are one of favorite beauty products. I adore Jaclyn Hill because she loves warm rich colors & smoky eyes.  She’s super honest too and that’s hard to come by these days. I just wanted to share these colors with the world — just in case you  don’t follow her  on SnapChat. That’s her name on snap—-> (JaclynRHill)

**I will update this post once more information becomes available! **



***DISCLAIMER: All photos are from Jaclyn Hill’s Snapchat.***



Hey Everyone!

I just wanted to share my thoughts on Tarte’s Tape Shape Concealer. So I heard about this concealer when it first  came out– however it took me FOREVER  to find my shade. I felt taunted almost every time I would turn to YouTube I would see people like Jaclyn Hill rave about this product. Even my OWN MOTHER HAD THIS BEFORE I DID. So when I went to Ulta Beauty and saw my shade I grabbed it so fast.It’s so blendable and  the coverage is magnificent.  This is one beauty product that truly deserves all the hype and attention. I also love how they keep adding more shades. (DOUBLE WINNING IN MY BOOKS).   Diversity  is A  Beautiful thing to have in life and makeup.


PHOTO CREDIT: tarte.com

Tape Shape Concealer is  something that TARTE needs to KEEP in their product line-up until the End of Time.



Photo Credit: Rainlovepeace & Tarte.com


Hey Everyone!

So I know that EVERYONE went crazy when Too Faced Cosmetics Sweet Peach Palette was released. I know when I first saw it… I was like it’s so pretty. I didn’t get it immediately. Mainly because I have so much makeup & I’m trying to cut back.  However when I went to Ulta Beauty to get one– it was sold out.  I was heartbroken.  This palette is gorgeous and it smells like PEACHES. DOUBLE WIN!!!!  So my sweet, wonderful, awesome Mother surprised me with the Sweet Peach Eye Shadows.   I can’t wait to upload makeup looks with this palette. So stay tune.



Who is Rainlovespeace?

Hello Everyone!

My name is Raina however most people tend to call me Rain. This is my first post on my new blog. I had a blog previous to this  one, however I just felt the need for change. Change is good right! Though change can be quite scary but it’s also very exciting at the same time.  I’ve learned that change is needed in life to grow.  2016 was very exhausting year for me and I made several changes that year. I had to leave several things in 2016.. i.e. habits, bad vibes and some people.  So ALL that being said, I’m super happy with my new blog.

So like I said my name is Rain. I’m a beauty junkie,foodie, feminist,social media addict, amateur photographer, sociologist, lover of life and Christ.

My blog will feature things that I love hence Rainlovespeace. Why the name Rainlovespeace you ask? It’s simple when I was 18 or 19, I joined Twitter. Rain ( that’s me) +Love ( because LOVE is awesome) && I was quite obsessed with Peace symbols. So I’ve been Rainlovespeace for awhile and I love it.



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